About us

  The idea of establishing a company that invests in the researches and marketing of Arabic gum has gone through many stages since 2013 in an effort to develop and promote a more modern Arabic gum production line that guarantees the quality of the products to the consumer while maintaining the supply of gum Arabic in a sustainable manner.

  As a result of that, the company was established in 2019 known as Sudacacia. We take into account the originality of this economic activity and the requirements of the market and society according to international standards in the production,  processing and marketing of gum Arabic.

 We strive to build lasting and solid relationships through continuous, responsible and advanced partnerships that meet the changing patterns of consumption with our customers around the world.


Our goal is to be a major supplier of gum Arabic in the world, and we are striving to create smart and distinctive partnerships with our customers, based on high technical efficiency and reliable performance, at very competitive price…



   At all stages, we always have the full responsibility to support our partners both inside and outside the country in order to achieve impressive results.

 Our commitment to provide our services in the comfort of our customers, we also have excellent management with our customers in relation to the quality and continuity of the supply of our products to them.

To sum up, we must, as ever, nurture our good relationships with our customers so as to support them through their own challenges and successes.

We Care..

We Innovate..

We Are Committed..


 Our success depends primarily on our commitment and aspiration for our best desire for development and sustainability.

We will: 

  • Implement corporate activities in a fair and open way.
  • Fulfil our social responsibilities as we help protect the environment.
  • Offer creativity alongside added value.
  • Respect people and create a fulfilling work environment.
  • Desire that all employees hold to the group values which aim to foster global growth, business development as well as a deep commitment and appetite for success.
  • Provide an organic agricultural product and take into consideration the highest quality standards in production, the highest standards of environmental safety, and safety in production places to achieve sustainability.
  • Stand for a clear collective force spirit, maintain high Safety standards and ensure excellent compliance. By insisting on these three core values.
  • Ensure prosperous and sustainable partnerships.


Finally, as mentioned by our Company President & CEO, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all stakeholders for their longstanding support and understanding of Sudacacia’s values. 

We, as a team, look forward to creating and strengthening and creating business relationships to build together the success stories of tomorrow.


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Respect | Diversity | Empowered | Accountable


Quality | Safety | Integrity | Ethics


Ownership | Innovation | Agility | Drive


Success | Results | Sustainable